Climb the Ladder!

Even though the current job market will vary depending on where you live, country wise, and what city you live there’s no denying that many jobs have demands when it comes to education.

Personally, I dropped out of college. I couldn’t stand sitting in a classroom for hours. The theoretical part was the worst. I could read the same page 10 times and only remember a couple of words or one sentence if I was lucky.
It made me feel like a failure and it made me angry but it also gave me the determination to prove that even in today’s society you don’t need an education to be successful.

Yes, an education will give you a bigger paycheck, it will make it easier for you to get a job you truly want and without a doubt it will cause you to stress less financially.

Buying your own apartment or house will also be difficult, maybe even impossible if you buy it alone unless you have been able to save up a lot of money.

I might not have the fanciest job that exist but I love the people I work with. I might not earn a lot and live a fully comfortable life. It’s not even my dream job but it is a job and keeps me alive.

Truth be told, I stress non stop. Questions such as “Will I be able to pay my bills?”, “Will I be able to buy food that last until my next paycheck?” or thoughts like “I need more shifts even if it destroy my body for a couple of days” is something I think daily.

In the end, I am almost always able to pay my bills and if I’m low on money for food I buy cheap products instead. I rarely get to buy myself things or have a ‘me-day’ but the times I can it feels like I’ve earned it.


Now, I’m not a well known person work wise where I live but I have been told by people that I work for two people and that I am missed at my old jobs because of that one thing. I give it my all and a little more. I always try to help by accepting shifts on a short notice, I do my best to help out even just for a few hours if I already have something that happens that day.

To be completely honest, I don’t want a full time job. Working 4-5 shifts a week is more than enough for me and my body so it might not be in my place to tell what it takes to get a raise or a promotion.

What I want to say is: Never give up, make sure your work is being recognized and do the little extra when you can. It make it possible for me personally to get a raise and be told by my boss that I’m a valued worker.

Find a job you know you will enjoy even if some days might feel like hell and getting along with your co-workers and boss is also a key. If you work well with your co-workers and understands how your boss thinks it will make a difference. You don’t always have to agree but with acceptance and some understanding you might even get a second view on things.

It made it possible for me to get a raise. I’m not saying this is how it works everywhere but it did the trick for me.

All I have is one wish.

Don’t do the same mistake as me. Don’t give it your all at a job you don’t truly enjoy, don’t overwork yourself and don’t stay if the place feel toxic.

You can love a job and feel that’s is a family to you but like everything else it will drain you if the environment change in a way that brings you down. Leave before it devours you.

It might pay your bills and food but it is not worth having your happiness and health. Both physical and mental.



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