The Heart of Hailey

In the heart of Hailey there’s nothing worth selling.
What she had, was taken and what was taken broke apart.
The little life she has is behind these hallow bars.
A life of shame is what she forced herself through.
Just one more day is what she prays to turn true.

Abused and sick.
Tortured and stitched.

Her life is nothing but harsh.
One penny a day is what keeps death away.
Live and let die is her philosophical lie.
She can never be free.

A fallen angel.
Abused and sick.
Tortured and stitched.

She was sent to heal the lonesome souls.
Souls of hatred and insane schizophrenia.
Her voice turned to ash.
Her trust turned black.

Nothing’s worth saving was what she said.
These humans are filth.
Disgusting and fake.
This life is not worth living.
Take my soul.
Rip it apart.

There’s too many humans that lack a souls heart.
I’ll become the ultimate was what she said.
I’ll save you all.
I’ll be the doll that takes the fall.
Let me heal these broken hearts.
One last prayer.

Contain me, lock me up.
I’ll become the one who takes the suffering with me.
Live and let die.
Hallow bars is what tears it apart.

© Kester Muiredac/Val Vladicvik.

“A piece I wrote around four years ago. It can be found on my DeviantArt account. It’s a different name of mine but mine nonetheless. I plan to eventually transfer some of those pieces here and slowly put my dA account to rest.”


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