Biological Clock and Age.

Even though I don’t like to admit it I at one point played with those Barbie dolls (at least that’s what I think the name is) as a child. I’d much rather remember the child in me that love TMNT, Tom and Jerry and Sonic the Hedgehog. There are many more but those three is without a doubt a part of my childhood that I never will forget about.

At that age I thought that the ‘normal’ thing was that I’d have a kid of my own one day. Years later I still belived that I wanted a kid. I never really thought much about why I wanted one. I just belived it to be natural.

I now realize that, yes, I think I want a kid one day but at the same time I’d much rather adopt.

Being a dfab (designed female at birth) shouldn’t automatically mean that we literally have to carry a child inside of us for nine months and the things that follows just because we want our DNA to live on.

I personally don’t see the importance of passing on my DNA. I don’t believe that ‘blood’ matters when it comes to family. A family is so much more than blood. My family is by blood, friends, co-workers and, of course,  my significant other.  Family for me is who I care about, adore and love.

I’m in my late twenties now and my biological clock is ticking. I feel no panic, stress or sadness about it. If I get a child I will love it with all my heart. If I don’t get a child the ‘natural’ way I will consider adoption. If none of those happens it’s also alright. Maybe I even will become a foster parent.

All I know is that, no matter what, I’d protect, give unconditional love, understanding and respect to the child I might one day have like I do with everyone I care about.

There will always be days where someone make you frustrated or angry. Maybe you’ll argue and say things you’ll regret seconds, hours or days later. It doesn’t matter. If you care about someone you will never stop caring. Just remember to never stop showing or telling that person that you care. That way, no matter what happens, the person will know.






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