DIY: Renovations – Old and Renewed.

Now, I’ve always been interested in DIY projects. Searching for ideas, watching YouTube videos of other people’s projects and felt really inspired but it also fills me with frustration.

The ones you see on YouTube, at least in my eyes, always seem to end in success and looking beyond perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing how easy it looks is what inspires me but I seem to fail every time I try one of those projects. In other words, I don’t get the result I want and feel like I’ve failed.

I’d like to start a project called DYI Imperfect.

I’m not sure if I’ll add pictures, that will be up to you readers to decide, but I will make a step by step journal on it.

This is the first time I’ve decided to renovate/renew furniture and seeing as I’m no professional or have the body to actually spend the needed time on it, it will become imperfect. Old furnitures renewed with some sanding and new paint.

I decided before I started that I didn’t want the furniture in a perfect, new, condition. I want the flaws to be visible as a reminder of the fact that it is indeed a furntire that has been used for several years. Scratches and such.

This way, my mind was already prepared for the result. It would look slightly different but it will still, hopefully, be fully functionable.

My current projects are:

  1. An old bench.
    Sanding to remove old paint to make it easier to repaint it.
    The first layer of paint is white and the second one gray.
  2. An old door.
    Scraping off the wallpaper (I have no idea why there is wallpaper on it), sanding it,  repainting it will the colors I want.
    Add a new wallpaper on two parts of the door again just to make it a little different.
    Change the doorframe (It’s too damaged to be worth the trouble of repairing it) and a new doorhandle.

All I can hope for is that it will look better.

DIY’s as Christmas gifts is something I’ve done for years now.

Homemade candles, soap and caramells is some of my personal favorites to make.

It’s cheap, it’s relately easy even those it takes some time and it feels more personal.


I have a few new ideas on this years Christmas gifts but I have yet to decide on which ones I will choose.

I will have to cut this blog post a little short.




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