Happiness: An Obsession.

In today’s society admitting that you have a rough time dealing with a bad mood, a depression or having harmful thoughts is looked down on. The words “it’s just a phase”, “there’s always someone who feels worse than you”, “stop feeling sorry for yourself”, “you’re always depressed”, “just stop feeling down/depressed”. The list goes on.

This can often lead to people telling lies about how they truly feel. You’ll start believing that it’s better to lie in order to not annoy others. You’ll start believing it’s your own fault for feeling this way.

If you are the one that’s going through a rough time: It’s NOT your fault. There are people who cares about you. You’re not alone and you mean the world to someone. You ARE important. You’re not crazy and once you’ve fought through it, because you will, there still will be someone there waiting because they can’t be driven away no matter what. You are loved.

If you are the one being told by someone you know that they are not doing well don’t ignore it, don’t think lightly of it. Please remember that if someone has the courage to tell you that they’re going through a difficult time they are directly or indirectly telling you that they need help. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on or being there to listen, maybe both, please don’t belittle them.

Now this might not be true for everyone, many will probably think what I write about is wrong and maybe I am wrong. This is just my personal view.

For me I find myself smiling even when I feel like I’m breaking apart from the inside. I don’t want to worry people, I don’t want to be a burden and I don’t want people I care to see or know how I feel when I’m at my lowest.

I’ve made myself believe that asking for help and allowing people I care about see me breaking apart is a weakness.

The truth is, it’s not a weakness. It’s strength. Always be yourself. It’s a cliché but don’t change because the right people will love you for just being you.

~ Kester.


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