Sleep Deprivation and Work.

My first week at work after my vacation is finally over and my energy levels has hit rock bottom. It’s been a long week.

Being able to sleep as long as I want, do what I want when I want and simply just relax was good for both mind and body but eventually I began feeling restless. It might be because I started worrying about money.

Will it last? Will I be able to pay my mortgage and bills? Will I have enough for food?

These are all questions I ask myself several days a week every month. There’s a difference in surviving and living. I don’t live, I survive.

For me, when you survive is when you is able to pay your bills and just the amount of food you need to survive through the day and month without buying anything else. You work, occasionally eat and you sleep. You avoid the rest because it will cost you energy you can’t risk losing.

Living is when you can pay the bills, have food for several meals a day, work and sleep without really having to worry about the money you have left. You can buy whatever you want, to some extent, without worrying about the fact that it will affect something else. You can go out and be social with the possibility to buy something such as a cup of tea or coffee. You have the energy for it or just want to treat yourself with something as simple as that.

Now, of course, it’s also possible that the situation is a middle thing. It’s never only two options. Extra expenses such as a dentist appointment, doctor appointment etc is an expense that can be a set back for everyone but if you only survive from paycheck to paycheck an expense like that is nearly or fully impossible to afford.

A job is a way for us to have a roof over our heads, food we can eat and a way to pay bills, rent or mortgage.

I might still be relatively young but I still want to give an advice I wish I was told more often and decided to follow.

Never get a job out of pure desperation unless it’s only meant as something temporarily until you find something else better.
You can enjoy working with your co-workers and even consider them family but in the end its your health and happiness it will affect if the pay is low and the work hours rough.
A family don’t want you to be miserable but pursue what makes you happy.
Never take that for granted.
Don’t stay in a job just because it secure you money. Leave when you find something that will make you happy or before your job makes you feel worthless or just generally sad, depressed or anxious.

Don’t get me wrong, you can have relatively low paid job but it also depends on how many shifts you work. Let’s say you earn $2 less per hour but still get more secured shift a week compared to another job. It is, of course, a lot of money per week or even year but in my eyes it feels safer to choose that job. Just make sure you the money you earn per hour isn’t lower than it should be. Check what the minimum wage is and make sure you don’t get paid lower than the wage itself.

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend and that next week will become even better.

Stay awesome!



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