Seven Days: Nights of Hell

My vacation ended almost two weeks ago and I already need another break. 44 hours of work a week might not sound much but I reached my limit last week. My body can’t handle it.

I also had to invest in a new laptop and I’m still getting used to this keyboard. Once I’ve transferred everything to this one I should be able to focus a little more on writing.

It’s been seven days since I posted something so I thought I’d write seven things that makes me laugh or motivate me and seven things that makes me angry or make me lose my motivation.

What motivates me/makes me happy:

  1. Music: 
    I’ve listened to five songs on repeat for over a week now.
    Before You Go by Nomy, The Sound of Silence by Disturbed, Heaven Nor Hell by Volbeat, I Have a Problem and The Devil’s Bleeding Crown by Volbeat.
    These five songs seem to help my mood and motivation and I never seem to get tired of listening to them (I might get tired eventually).
  2. Warm and Sunny Weather:
    It has been a cold summer so far. There has only been around two weeks where it has been over 90 degrees (32 degrees C) and my body seem to handle warm weather better. Less aches.
  3. Photographing:
    This is something I’ve barely had the energy to do for over a year now but it helps me relax and focused. I prefer taking pictures of the nature itself or animals.
  4. Family:
    This does not mean blood relatives Just talking with people I care about always brings a smile on my face. Family don’t really have to be blood relatives.
  5. Writing:
    Just writing in general without any set topic often help motivate me. It don’t seem to apply to the story I’m working on though. My brain always seem to want new aspects and languages.
  6. My SO:
    My SO always makes me laugh or smile just like my family. The difference, I think, is that I don’t want my SO to see me down. I can still be myself around my SO. I don’t have to pretend to be someone else even though I stay quiet and some things.
  7. Feeling Helpfull:
    Knowing that I’ve been able to help with something or just done something that have made a difference always motivates me to do better.


What makes me angry/lose motivation:

  1. Judgemental people:
    People who judge or hate others based on religion, sexuallity, idenity or generally just trying to make others feel bad for sports. It sadness me just as much as it angers me. Who people like, what they believe in or what they identify as shouldn’t matter (it don’t matter). You don’t have to agree but at least respect that others feel and think differently. There is no right or wrong. I wish some people would stop trying to shove their belive on others because they personally think something is wrong.
  2. People who hurt animals:
    I’m not a vegan or a vegitarian but I respect those who are alot. Killing an animal for food is one thing but it’s a completely different thing to kill for fun. The ones who abuse animals should be given two choices. Jail or go through what they did to the animal they abused. It makes me sad to think about.
  3. Liars:
    Most people will tell lies eventually. Whether it is because of fear from telling the truth or because they don’t trust a person. It’s the people who lie in order to make others feel bad on purpose that angers me. A white lie in order to spare someone’s feelings or to be polite can and often will backfire eventually but once asked tell the thruth and explain why you told it or just don’t lie at all. The truth might hurt at times but it is always better than lies. It will hurt for a while but the feeling of being lied to will never fully vanish.
  4. People abusing your trust:
    This just angers me. Don’t abuse someone’s trust. It can affect so many aspects of that person later in life. Trust has to be earned and once it’s broken it can never fully return. The mistake made will always make it difficult for the person to trust someone fully again.
  5. Molesters:
    This one I shouldn’t have to explain why it angers me. Physical or psycologically -don’t matter. It leaves scars.

I can’t really think of anything else that makes me lose motivation or angers me.

I’m a simple person, I suppose.



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