I’m Not a Doll.

I might not be perfect
But I always try my best
To be the one that..
Stupidly kind
Easily forgiving
Always regretting

I’m not good enough.

I may not be the best
But I try with all my breath
I tried to be the one..
Always reachable
Obeying everything
Blindly believing

Not good enough.

I’m far from perfect
I’m not the best
But I give my everything
The happy faces
The shining eyes
The smile

Never enough.

A soul on fire.
A fading facade.
A dying heart.


I refuse to be perfect.
I can’t be the best.
I can’t give my everything
It will be my death

I am nothing but a soul.
Clinging to flesh and bones.
The time will come.

A time when my soul is no more.

Remember those times when..
I tried
I gave my everything
I threw my soul away
Just to see some happy faces in return

I’m not a doll.

© Kester Muiredac/Val Vladicvik (Same person, different name).
Do not edit, reproduce or claim as yours.



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