A Month of Silence.

It’s been a while since I last wrote about something. Almost a month to be honest.

This summer has been quite boring in some ways but also fun and interesting.

I’ve had three weeks of vacation where two weeks was spent on fixing parts of the apartment with my SO. I’ve worked and got to experience how hectic working at a kitchen can be during the summer and soon I’ll be the owner of an adorable fluffy cat.

Some other new things I’ve learned about myself is that label wise I’m pansexual and not bisexual and that I feel more comfortable with genderqueer than genderfluid.

There’s not much difference. Thinking back, it was quite obvious. For me sex or gender don’t matter. What attracts me is the personality of the person.
Personally, I’ve realized that I don’t feel comfortable with being labeled as any gender. I don’t mind having a female body but I don’t feel comfortable with being viewed that way. I feel neutral gender wise. I’d like less feminine traits and I’m working on making it happen. It will take quite some time since I’m not allowed to gain muscles by regular workouts.


That’s all for now.

I’ll start getting more active again now that I’ll be working less if everything goes as planned.





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