A Shadow on Earth

I’m a shadow.
I once spent months gaining my visibility.
Only to forget it all.
I spent years learning long forgotten skills.
I used years to regain my mind and soul.
Where I’m from and where I belong.
I used to think, I used to believe.
I’m breathing and thinking.
There must be a purpose.
I exist.

The shadows are everywhere.
Some don’t believe.
Some unable to see.

I was a shadow.
I found a broken shape.
The one I walk in now.
How long will I stay?
My shape caused confusion.
It made me lose my peace.
It made me feel broken.
When will I heal?
I’ve walked long, I walked far.

I first couldn’t see.
I chose to not believe.
A shadow in the sight.

The broken shape.
I hold no grudge.
Though, it’s quite the toll.
It takes time to adjust.
A shape and its eyes.
Even a different mind.
It will forever be broken.
The strings stay unattached.

The shape is one of many.
I can finally see and believe.
A shadow in the light.

I’ve learned to accept.
The shape and its fears.
The curtain is slowly fading.
It’s my job to attach its peace.
It needs to feel free.
A cage will only make it worse.
Cooperation is the key.

A shadow without a shape.
It’s a terrifying endless night.
No sun, no light.

My shape won’t last forever.
It accepted early.
A shape is not meant to last.
It doesn’t work like that.
A shape is made for knowledge.
Hope and dreams.

A shadow can live forever.
But not without a shape.
The darkness corrupts.

My time will come.
Time flies by.
It’s time to rewind the time.
I’m a shadow in a shape.
Forever in a loop.

Restart or rewind.
It’s the shape that decides.
It’s never too broken.
It just needs the light

I fear no more.
I am at peace.
I won’t be remembered and that’s fine by me.

I will walk endlessly.
From one shape to another.
Just with new eyes.
I’m a shadow that walk this Earth.


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