DIY: Christmas Gifts

I decided to create this blog post to share ideas for homemade gifts.  I won’t give any recipes or such since I honestly find most of them by googling it myself. What I can do is to share a couple of links but it won’t be the exact same as the ones I’ve personally made since I find it easier to use recipes on my own language simply because I don’t have to convert the ingredients to something I’ll understand without checking five times or more. I already double-check.

  • Red Currant Jelly: This is not the one I used but it had some useful reviews. What I can recommend is to find a recipe you feel comfortable with trying if you haven’t made it before. I will recommend to start a week or two before Christmas.
  • Candles: It’s easy to make but takes some time but it’s often cheaper if you want to give it to several people. I will again recommend to start a couple of weeks before Christmas. You can even make it months in advance.
  • Soap: I found soap to be easy to make and don’t requires you to make it weeks in advance unless you want to get done weeks before Christmas to allow you to stress less. I personally bought soap flakes to make it easier. It allowed me to choose the soap I wanted without having to make it from scratch.
  • Candy: I honestly just bought a candy making kit since I found one that reminded me of Christmas if that’s even possible. It can be caramel, roasted almonds. The list goes on.
  • Christmas Ideas: Here’s a website that gave me ideas.

Soap, candy, candles, roasted almonds, caramel and jelly is the only ones I can remember having tried to make myself.

I hope it has been of some help idea wise if you ever want to try to make homemade gifts. It’s not the longest list. Not all that detailed and basically only have links with recipes that I haven’t tried myself. I basically tried and failed myself until I found a recipe that I personally liked. The failed ones was mostly the caramel and roasted almonds. They tasted horrible the first time I tried to make it. That’s why I started almost two months before Christmas. This way I still could run to the grocery store or any other store for that matter if I messed it up.



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