Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people and I hope this year will give you more joy, happiness and laughs than the last year.

I’m not really into the whole idea about New Years resolutions and for that reason I never had one expect that one I had to write while I was still in school. My New Year resolution that year was to never write one or just generally mention one ever again.

I have no doubt that this year will be more or less identical to last year.
I’ll still get one year older.
I still need to go to work x-amount of days a week, every week.
My body will still work against me..
I will still wish that I wouldn’t need to hide my identity, who I am and how I feel.
I will without a doubt still feel fatigued 24/7.

I will still do my best to make people laugh and smile.
I will still do everything in my power to somehow make this year better, even just for a second, for people I know and people don’t know.
I will still be working on the story and try to get one or two days a week scheduled for blogging.
I will still feel like a joke around close minded people.
And maybe, just maybe, I finally will be heard and believed by the doctors and specialist when I say that my body is causing me pain, I do feel fatigued, it does cause me sleepless night and it does cause a toll on my body when I’m forced to have a highly physical and stressful job to be able to pay my bills, mortgage, food and other expenses such as doctor appointments.

The changes that I know will happen this year without a New Years resolution is that I will quit my nicotine habit, cut down on my caffeine habit and the apartment will continue to be renovated.

To you who read this blog regardless of whether or not it will be just this one time or as a follower. Thank you.
I do check your blog and I will continue to check the blogs of every new follower and every person who click that like button.
I also need to get better on following your blogs. There are some blogs I won’t follow and it’s not because I don’t like said blog. Some are focusing purely on makeup products (SFX not included) and such. These I won’t follow for one reason only,I don’t wear makeup. If you blog about food, DIY’s, things meant to motivate and inspire, daily struggles, identity etc I will almost guaranteed follow your blog. I just need kick my lazy butt into gear and start hitting that Follow button.




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