No Energy, Just a Weak Body

For these past couple of months my energy seem to have gotten lower at lower.
My mood has gone downhill and my interest in things I enjoy has seemed to diminish as well.

This week alone I’ve either barely slept or slept 15+ hours a day which does not include all the power naps throughout the day.
My appetite seem to have gone downhill as well. I eat because I know I need food to survive.

I’m fighting through it at least. I’m not fully ignoring the issue even though I’d prefer to do just that. Ignoring it won’t solve anything. It will only make it worse.

I’m glad I have an SO that allows me to deal with issues on my own terms, that don’t try to solve everything the very second and won’t push me to give an honest answer before I’m ready to admit that things aren’t going that well. I’m glad to have a fluffy pet that makes me smile by doing random things throughout the day.



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