Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people and I hope this year will give you more joy, happiness and laughs than the last year.

I’m not really into the whole idea about New Years resolutions and for that reason I never had one expect that one I had to write while I was still in school. My New Year resolution that year was to never write one or just generally mention one ever again.

I have no doubt that this year will be more or less identical to last year.
I’ll still get one year older.
I still need to go to work x-amount of days a week, every week.
My body will still work against me..
I will still wish that I wouldn’t need to hide my identity, who I am and how I feel.
I will without a doubt still feel fatigued 24/7.

I will still do my best to make people laugh and smile.
I will still do everything in my power to somehow make this year better, even just for a second, for people I know and people don’t know.
I will still be working on the story and try to get one or two days a week scheduled for blogging.
I will still feel like a joke around close minded people.
And maybe, just maybe, I finally will be heard and believed by the doctors and specialist when I say that my body is causing me pain, I do feel fatigued, it does cause me sleepless night and it does cause a toll on my body when I’m forced to have a highly physical and stressful job to be able to pay my bills, mortgage, food and other expenses such as doctor appointments.

The changes that I know will happen this year without a New Years resolution is that I will quit my nicotine habit, cut down on my caffeine habit and the apartment will continue to be renovated.

To you who read this blog regardless of whether or not it will be just this one time or as a follower. Thank you.
I do check your blog and I will continue to check the blogs of every new follower and every person who click that like button.
I also need to get better on following your blogs. There are some blogs I won’t follow and it’s not because I don’t like said blog. Some are focusing purely on makeup products (SFX not included) and such. These I won’t follow for one reason only,I don’t wear makeup. If you blog about food, DIY’s, things meant to motivate and inspire, daily struggles, identity etc I will almost guaranteed follow your blog. I just need kick my lazy butt into gear and start hitting that Follow button.




DIY: Christmas Gifts

I decided to create this blog post to share ideas for homemade gifts.  I won’t give any recipes or such since I honestly find most of them by googling it myself. What I can do is to share a couple of links but it won’t be the exact same as the ones I’ve personally made since I find it easier to use recipes on my own language simply because I don’t have to convert the ingredients to something I’ll understand without checking five times or more. I already double-check.

  • Red Currant Jelly: This is not the one I used but it had some useful reviews. What I can recommend is to find a recipe you feel comfortable with trying if you haven’t made it before. I will recommend to start a week or two before Christmas.
  • Candles: It’s easy to make but takes some time but it’s often cheaper if you want to give it to several people. I will again recommend to start a couple of weeks before Christmas. You can even make it months in advance.
  • Soap: I found soap to be easy to make and don’t requires you to make it weeks in advance unless you want to get done weeks before Christmas to allow you to stress less. I personally bought soap flakes to make it easier. It allowed me to choose the soap I wanted without having to make it from scratch.
  • Candy: I honestly just bought a candy making kit since I found one that reminded me of Christmas if that’s even possible. It can be caramel, roasted almonds. The list goes on.
  • Christmas Ideas: Here’s a website that gave me ideas.

Soap, candy, candles, roasted almonds, caramel and jelly is the only ones I can remember having tried to make myself.

I hope it has been of some help idea wise if you ever want to try to make homemade gifts. It’s not the longest list. Not all that detailed and basically only have links with recipes that I haven’t tried myself. I basically tried and failed myself until I found a recipe that I personally liked. The failed ones was mostly the caramel and roasted almonds. They tasted horrible the first time I tried to make it. That’s why I started almost two months before Christmas. This way I still could run to the grocery store or any other store for that matter if I messed it up.


DIY: Renovations – Old and Renewed.

Now, I’ve always been interested in DIY projects. Searching for ideas, watching YouTube videos of other people’s projects and felt really inspired but it also fills me with frustration.

The ones you see on YouTube, at least in my eyes, always seem to end in success and looking beyond perfect.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing how easy it looks is what inspires me but I seem to fail every time I try one of those projects. In other words, I don’t get the result I want and feel like I’ve failed.

I’d like to start a project called DYI Imperfect.

I’m not sure if I’ll add pictures, that will be up to you readers to decide, but I will make a step by step journal on it.

This is the first time I’ve decided to renovate/renew furniture and seeing as I’m no professional or have the body to actually spend the needed time on it, it will become imperfect. Old furnitures renewed with some sanding and new paint.

I decided before I started that I didn’t want the furniture in a perfect, new, condition. I want the flaws to be visible as a reminder of the fact that it is indeed a furntire that has been used for several years. Scratches and such.

This way, my mind was already prepared for the result. It would look slightly different but it will still, hopefully, be fully functionable.

My current projects are:

  1. An old bench.
    Sanding to remove old paint to make it easier to repaint it.
    The first layer of paint is white and the second one gray.
  2. An old door.
    Scraping off the wallpaper (I have no idea why there is wallpaper on it), sanding it,  repainting it will the colors I want.
    Add a new wallpaper on two parts of the door again just to make it a little different.
    Change the doorframe (It’s too damaged to be worth the trouble of repairing it) and a new doorhandle.

All I can hope for is that it will look better.

DIY’s as Christmas gifts is something I’ve done for years now.

Homemade candles, soap and caramells is some of my personal favorites to make.

It’s cheap, it’s relately easy even those it takes some time and it feels more personal.


I have a few new ideas on this years Christmas gifts but I have yet to decide on which ones I will choose.

I will have to cut this blog post a little short.