J.A.D.E Project – Part One.

My mental health is once again unstable.
Scared of mirrors, seeing things that’s not there.. I wait for the voices to approach me.
What will they say.. What will they make me do?
I’m not afraid.
The voices I hear don’t exist.
It’s all in my mind..
I’ve been wide awake yet out of my body.
I could see through a second pair of eyes from my very own mind.
I might not be normal but I’m far from sick.
What will happen to me when the voices takes over and the shadows become real?
Will I still be me?
Where will I be when the voices disappear?

(c)Kester Muiredac/Val Vladicvik (Same person, different name).
Do not copy, edit or claim as yours.

J.A.D.E is short for Just Another Dead End Project.
This project started as a personal journal for myself but once I began writing I saw some potential for a story of some sort. A way to allow myself to deal with a phobia, sleep deprivation and a depressed state of mind. 

Some of it is things I’ve experienced while some is things I’ve dreamed about.
I hope you as a reader will be able to enjoy this project as it is, imperfect.