Story Update.

For a long time I’ve wanted to add one aspect to the story but I’ve always decided to wait and to think some more because I worried about future reactions from potential readers I have finally decided to add said aspect.

I always worry about offending readers. I want to keep as neutral as possible while writing the story my way but the result has always been the same. I stopped working on the story. I postpone it too much and for too long. I’ve finally come to realize that it’s because of the simple fact that I’ve been afraid of writing the story my way for the reason said above.

I finally got the push I needed to make it happen thanks to a good friend and a fellow writer.

I will begin working on the story a few days a week and for now it won’t be published. What I have written so far need to be re-written and worked on in general.

Now, what aspect have I wanted to add to the story?

It might not sound like much but considering the fact that there are so many ‘scared’ and hateful people in the world it’s a big step in the right direction for me.

The story will hereby have characters based on what they identify as. It won’t just be male or female.

A better yet possibly worse explanation:

Sex and gender don’t matter. No one is born one or the other. They are all born neutral and once chosen that’s what they will be identified as.  Operation etc is fully optional and not required. There is no judgement.


That’s all for now.


~ Kes.